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“It is recovered!
What? Eternity.
It is the sea
Mixed with the sun.”

-Arthur Rimbaud
Translated by
Louise Varèse
“We have found it again.
What? Time without end.
'Tis the ocean gone
For a walk with the sun.”

-Arthur Rimbaud
Translated by
J. Norman Cameron

The 3rd Annual SpotlightOn Halloween Festival

Eternity: Time Without End
a play written and directed by Duncan Pflaster

Winner of FOUR Spotlight On Awards!
Best Actress (Clara Barton Green)
Best Supporting Actor (Jason Specland)
Best Featured Performer (Joe Fanelli)
Best Written Original Play (Playwright's Award) (Duncan Pflaster)

When Eleven diverse people come separately to a secluded beach looking for a rumored fountain of youth, they find more than they bargained for. Duncan Pflaster's entertaining and provocative new play Eternity: Time Without End explores topical issues of community, homosexuality, childhood, innocence, and sacrifice. A cast of 12 performers share a stage in an acting tour-de-force that is a fascinating trip through the evolution of language.

Eternity: Time Without End, written and directed by Duncan Pflaster, is reminiscent of existential works such as Waiting for Godot or Skin or Our Teeth. Duncan Pflaster has created a modern-day American production which questions relationships, love, youth and the definition of family. The entire ensemble is superb with the chameleon performer Jason Specland performing everything from a pizza boy, to a British society man, to a clown. Humorous and thought provoking.

-Christopher Farr, Hi Drama (Manhattan Cable Show)

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The show starred:
Ben Beckley ~ Ari Benjamin ~ Brendan Burke
Jon Crefeld ~ Joe Fanelli ~ Carlos Rafael Fernandez
Alexandra Finger ~ Jena Tesse Fox ~ Paula Galloway
Clara Barton Green ~ Erik Sisco ~ Jason Specland

Eternity: Time Without End was performed:
Thursday, October 7th, 2004
Saturday October 9th, 2004
Sunday October 10th, 2004
Thursday October 14th, 2004
Friday October 15th, 2004
Tuesday October 19th, 2004

Performances were at
Greenwich Street Theatre