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A play written in the style of Anton Chekov, set on a Starship in the year 3047. A diplomatic mission brings a professor and his lovely alien wife and faithful doctor aboard the Starship Astrov, where unspoken love and misunderstandings abound between the ship's crew and the guests. As times adapt, will the future change us, or will humanity stay the same at heart?

Now Nominated for Eleven MITF Awards!

  1. WINNER! Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play or Musical - Jennifer Gawlik as Ensign Ally January in The Starship Astrov
  2. Outstanding Production of a Play - Oberon Theatre Ensemble for The Starship Astrov
  3. Outstanding Playwriting for a New Script - Duncan Pflaster, for The Starship Astrov
  4. Outstanding Direction - Eric Parness for The Starship Astrov
  5. Outstanding Costume Design - Mark Richard Caswell for The Starship Astrov
  6. Outstanding Sound Design - Nick Moore for The Starship Astrov
  7. Outstanding Scenic Design - Darby Cire for The Starship Astrov
  8. Outstanding Lighting Design - Isabella F. Byrd for The Starship Astrov
  9. Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play - Walter Brandes as Captain Jonas January in The Starship Astrov
  10. Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play - Elizabeth A. Davis as Celaria in The Starship Astrov
  11. Outstanding Ensemble Performance - Walter Brandes, Elizabeth A. Davis, Philip Emeott, Ariel Estrada, Jennifer Gawlik, Rafael Jordan, and Christine Verleny in The Starship Astrov

The Starship Astrov, A Chekhovian Space Comedy in Four Acts, was produced by Oberon Theatre Ensemble in the Midtown International Theatre Festival July 2010.
The show was directed by Eric Parness, and starred Walter Brandes*, Elizabeth A. Davis*, Philip Emeott, Ariel Estrada*, Jennifer Gawlik*, Rafael Jordan*, and Christine Verleny.

Stage Manager - Jenna Lazar ~ Assistant Director - Jaime Carillo ~ Lighting Design - Isabella F. Byrd ~ Costume Design - Mark Richard Caswell ~ Sound Design - Nick Moore

See photos, video, and reviews here!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOberon Theatre Ensemble did a reading of the show on Monday, November 4th, 2009 as part of their November Reading Series. The Production was directed by Eric Parness, and starred Gabe Bettio, Walter Brandes, Don Castro, Jane Cortney,
Jarel Davidow, Jennifer Gawlik, and Laura Siner.