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Pleased as Man with Man to Dwell
The Third Shepherds' Play

A Gay Nativity Play
Two shepherds, Asher and Nicodemus, are lying together, while keeping watch over their flock by night. When an Angel suddenly appears before them, telling them of a new Savior, will it mean a new life for the couple?

Staged Reading by All Out Arts' Fresh Fruit Festival's Developmental Reading Series, March 2011

Messin' With the Kid
A young straight man turns to stripping and occasional gay prostitution to support his younger brother after their parents die. He tries to shield his brother from the darker parts of what he does to survive, but when a rich and decadent john offers more money than they've ever seen for a wild weekend, his brother may get drawn into the seedier side of life.

Staged Reading part of the Dramatists Guild Friday Footlights, November 2012

Light and Noise and Bees and Boys
An older woman has had a stroke and has gone to live with her son and his wife in Boca Raton. She's forgotten most of the last 30 years, including that she's now a lesbian and in a committed relationship with a woman, who is desperately trying to find and rescue her.