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This is a brief scene that was cut from the performance script of Eternity: Time Without End, for time reasons.

Mac: Iím bored. Hey... Why don't cannibals like to eat clowns?


Siete: Er... Because they're greasy?

Mac: What?

Siete: Greasy... You know, greasepaint. The makeup they wear must taste awful.

Tara: It may be they would wash them off first. Like vegetables. I always wash carrots and broccoli. Apples.

Hawke: No, that canít be, because if you wash off the makeup, it ceases to be a clown. Then you just have a wet person. Of course, there's always the costume, but you'd have to lose that as well, if you were going to eat them.

Tara: Yeah, if one left everything on, I know I'd have trouble swallowing the wigs. And some clowns have abnormally large shoes.

Marian: I would imagine the noses present a choking hazard for young children.

Siete: But wherefore would anyone want to eat a clown?

Stefan: Jugglers with split jugulars...

Mac: No no no. Cannibals don't like to eat clowns because they taste funny!


Siete: Ah, well that would be from the greasepaint, I imagine.

Mac: No, it's a joke. Clowns are funny, so they taste funny.

Wolfe: I don't think clowns are funny. They freak me out.

Marian: Many people are disturbed by clowns. Odd, that something intended to be innocuous and diverting can, in practice, have such a menacing air. Perhaps it's the artificiality that can make them seem so grotesque.

Butch: I like clowns. They're cheerful.

Stefan: But I don't think clowns would taste scary.

Siete: Unless greasepaint is poisonous.

Marian: Or if someone choked on the clown.

Mac: You people are missing the joke.

Tara: Well, it serves you right for making jokes like that. I personally think jokes about cannibalism are in bad taste!

(All except Mac break into laughter)

Mac: I hate you all.

Stefan: Oh, come now, Mac... Where's your sense of humor?