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Awesome Links

Eric C. Bailey
Ben Beckley
Vinny Bove
Tony Chiroldes
Patricia Comstock
Jon Crefeld
Booth Daniels
Jason A. Drago
V. Orion Delwaterman
Ryan Duncan
Alexandra Finger
Christine Goodman
Lorraine Goodman
Clara Barton Green
Carrie Edel Issacman
Sacha Iskra
Arol Jahns
Ryan G. Metzger
Kelly Nichols
Jordana Oberman
Eric Percival
Susan Rankus
Heather Lee Rogers
Caroline Samaan
Randi Sobol
Susan Barnes Walker
Jonathan Weirich
The Mistake (Sketch Comedy - But Funny!)
City Hall (Sketch Comedy)

Monica Bauer
Elana Gartner
Jonathan and Meri Wallace
Edward Einhorn
Adam Stuart Littman

Theater Companies
Midtown International Theater Festival
Planet Connections Theatre Festivity
Oberon Theatre Ensemble
Small Pond Entertainment
Cuchipinoy Productions
TOSOS (The Other Side Of Silence)
Jake Leg Films
Debaun Center for the Performing Arts (Hoboken, NJ)
Art House Productions (Jersey City, NJ)

Other Theatre Stuff
BroadwayWorld (Duncan reviews here)
J. Specland Photography (Does fantastic work!)
Rex Lott Photography
David Withrow (Costume Design)
Mark Richard Caswell (Costume Design)
Irma Escobar (Costume Design)
Drama Book Shop
Halloween Adventure

Mickey Zetts
Goat Boy's Planga-La
Ukulele Cabaret (also Ukulele Disco)
They Might be Giants
The Mr. T Experience
Florida's Singing Sons Boychoir (Duncan is an alumnus)

Things without which the world would be less Awesome
Berkeley Breathed
Threadless T-shirts
Alice in Wonderland
Douglas Adams
Cat and Girl
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Star Trek: The Next Generation
William Shakespeare
Alcoholic Beverages