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Pocket Universe
Jeff, a shy scientist, has developed a new virtual universe as a present for his office crush, Zach.

The play had an informal reading with Cinder Block Theater Company's Building Blocks Reading Series in 2010, starring John Hauge, Jessica Cermak, and Tony. The play had a staged reading as part of All Out Arts' Fresh Fruit Festival One Act Competition in 2010, directed by the author and starring Matt Falber, Joe Sevier, and Shaun Bennet Wilson.
It had its full premiere in the 2012 Gay Play Series (GPS) at The Ringwald Theatre in Michigan, directed by Lisa Melinn, and starring Richard Payton and Brian Papandrea. Reviews called it "a subtle, layered fantasy of unrequited love. (...) This bittersweet script is a totally original spin on an old theme." There's a clip and some discussion of the performance in the preview video at 2:36 on YouTube here
It had a staged reading with {Your Name Here}: A Queer Theatre Company in 2012 as part of their inagural production: Blips! 10-minute play reading series, featuring Michael Orlandi, Donnell Smith, Linda Glick, and Brian Graziani.
Pocket Universe will be part of Vignettes for the Apocalypse 6: The Mayan Countdown Edition, an annual festival of horror/sci-fi plays, produced by End Times Productions, September 2012!

The play will be published in Smith and Kraus Best New Ten-Minute Plays 2013!!!

When Maggie's ex-boyfriend Patrick gets married to an unsuitable younger woman, Maggie gets drafted against her will as a bridesmaid. When she hides in an antechamber to steal a smoke with her friend Heidi, she discovers the bride, who's having second thoughts.

Patrick and Lisa's Wedding was produced as part of the 12 Angriest Women show, starring Caroline Samaan as Maggie, Tania Jeudy as Heidi, and Tami Gebhardt as Lisa.

The play was part of the Hudson County One-Acts Festival 2008 in September, Produced by The Theater Company at DeBaun Center for the Performing Arts. It was directed by Clara Barton Green, and starred Ashley Gorham Johnson as Heidi, Courtney Kochuba as Lisa, and Francesca Ruiz as Maggie.

In April 2009 it was produced as part of an actor's showcase by StageRight Productions, Directed by Leslie C. Nemet, and starred Amy Rose Dannemueller as Maggie, Mary Fields as Heidi, and Halley Zien as Lisa.

In 2011, it was produced as part of Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Fall One Act Competition, directed again by Clara Barton Green, and starring Anya Alfieris, Danielle Beckmann, and Ashley Gorham Johnson.

Photos from the One-Acts Festival production, Photo Credit: Karen Maloney

  1. Francesa Ruiz, Courtney Kochuba, Ashley Gorham Johnson
  2. Francesa Ruiz, Ashley Gorham Johnson, Courtney Kochuba.

Tami Gebhardt as Lisa from the 12 Angriest Women show

In Hate Myself in the Morning, when Nicole brings policeman Scott home from the bar one night, he doesn't expect to be handcuffed to the bed the next morning. When Nicole begins physical and psychological torture, it's up to Scott to figure out what she wants from him.

The play had a reading as part of Planet Connections Theatre Festivity in June 2009, directed by Amber Gallery, and starring Christopher C. Cariker and Patricia Comstock. Half the proceeds from admission and donations went to benefit Amnesty International. Martin Denton of hosted a talkback after the performance.

Patricia Comstock was nominated for a 2009 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Award for Outstanding Performance in a Reading.

In Six Silences in Three Movements, Sean and Joanne and Ricky and Matt are two seemingly happy couples, till Sean and Ricky begin a clandestine affair. Expressed through modern poetry, short scenes and random sentences, the play is a meditation on the nature of love, fidelity, and what goes unspoken.

FULL PRODUCTION part of Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Winterfest 2011!

Check out our promo video:

The play had a staged reading as part of Theatre of the Small-Eyed Bear's Arts in Action Series in June 2009, directed by Nina Capone, and starring Ryan Hyde, Ricardo Perez-Gonzalez, Adam Laupus, and Karina Richardson. Live music was played by Matt Applebaum, and stage directions were read by Brendan O'Brien.

Photos from the Staged Reading.

In The Goose Is Getting Fat, A sister takes her brother out to a restaurant for dinner, to break the news that she won't be going home for Christmas with the family, but going to Chanukkah with her fiancÚ instead.

The play was produced in December 2009 by World Players Inc., as part of their KICK IT! Festival of Holiday plays. The play starred Luciana Faulhaber, Abe Koogler, and Mariel Matero. It was voted an audience favorite.

Photos from the World Players Inc. Production.


Callista and Chloe are riding the subway, when they notice all the women around them are fugly. Is this just a coincidence, or a sign of a more insidious problem?

Duncan's 2-woman 10-minute play "The Fugly Train" was first produced at Roland Ramos' "Act One" art party (the second in a series of art salons in Hoboken, now known as Artifactions), starring Alexandra Finger and Clara Barton Green. Duncan was the voice of the train conductor.

It was given another performance as part of Small Pond Entertainment's Producer Sprint, in an evening of Duncan's one-acts called "Girls, Boys, and Toby Belch", August 30th and 31st, 2008, at the Bridge Theater in Shetler Studios, starring Patricia Comstock and Heather Lee Rogers.

It was performed in September 2010 as part of Minnesota Shorts: A Festival of Short Plays. The production was directed by Molly Smith and starred Alex Adams as Callista, Alyssa Berg as Chloe, and Isaac Kronlokken as Conductor, with Deb Bennett, Sherry Bah and Julia Walchuck as Riders

Alexandra Finger and Clara Barton Green as Chl÷e and Callista in the Artifications production

Heather Lee Rogers and Patricia Comstock as Chl÷e and Callista in the Producer Sprint production

Alex Adams and Alyssa Berg in the Minnesota production

Hold Thy Peace, Thou Knave is a 10-minute play set backstage at a production of Twelfth Night- a last-minute understudy for Sir Toby Belch goes a little haywire onstage, causing consternation amongst the rest of the cast.

It was first produced as part of Small Pond Entertainment's Producer Sprint, in an evening of Duncan's one-acts called "Girls, Boys, and Toby Belch", August 30th and 31st, 2008, at the Bridge Theater in Shetler Studios, starring Chris C. Cariker, Patricia Comstock, Eric Percival, Heather Lee Rogers, and Sam Rosenberg.
It was performed again with the same cast as part of the 2008 Spotlight On Halloween Variety Show.

Hold Thy Peace, Thou Knave was a part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival's "Short Subjects: The Play Plays" July 31st, August 1st and 2nd, 2009.

Photos from the Producer Sprint Production:

  1. Heather Lee Rogers as Jeannie and Eric Percival as Rob
  2. Heather Lee Rogers as Jeannie, Patricia Comstock as Susan, Eric Percival as Rob, and Sam Rosenberg as Mark

Photos from The Play Plays:
  1. Davis Berry as Rob, Bennett W. Harrell as Mark, Elise Reynard as Susan, and Jessica Shure as Jeannie
  2. Bennett W. Harrell as Mark, Ben Strothmann as Isaac, Jessica Shure as Jeannie, and Elise Reynard as Susan

The Dark Night of the Russet Rascal is a short comic play about a lesbian superhero whose search for love is upstaged by her nemesis, supervillain The Spanglish Fly.

It was written for and first produced by Phare Play as part of their 21-Hour Play Festival.

It was produced by NewGround Theatre Collective in the 2010 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, as part of Clandestine, an evening of one-acts. The piece was directed by Luke Harlan and starred Matt Carr as The Spanglish Fly, Kate Michaud as Ursula Zandt/The Russet Rascal, Jessica Pohly as Alex "Ace" McAllister, and Leslie C. Nemet as Bertha, the butler.

The piece was nominated for several PCTF Awards: Outstanding Overall Production of an Entire Evening of One-Acts (Clandestine - Produced by NewGround Theatre Collective benefiting Women In Need (WIN); Outstanding Playwriting Short Form (One Act) (Duncan Pflaster); Outstanding Actor in a One-Act Production (Matt Carr); and Outstanding Actress in a One-Act Production - Jessica Pohly

First to Fall Asleep is a ten-minute dark comedy about frat hijinx that get out of hand when a freshman passes out at a frat party.

It was first produced as part of Small Pond Entertainment's Producer Sprint, in an evening of Duncan's one-acts called "Girls, Boys, and Toby Belch", August 30th and 31st, 2008, at the Bridge Theater in Shetler Studios, starring Chris C. Cariker, Eric Percival,and Sam Rosenberg.

Photos from the Producer Sprint Production: Eric Percival as Eric, Sam Rosenberg as Jake, and Chris C. Cariker as Nate.

What I Like is a ten-minute erotic gay comedy that follows 18-year-old Corey as he learns about love, through 2 years and 5 boyfriends, compressed into 10 minutes.

It was first produced as part of Where Eagles Dare 10-minute Play Festival. The production was directed by Alexandra Finger. It starred Philip Estrera, John Heath, Jake Krickhan, Alexander Nicosia, Shane Regier, and Michael Wetherbee.

All the women in Matthew's life seem to be talking about Cinderella these days. Prince Charming, Presented Without Comment is a collage that follows Matthew and the women he loves through various aspects and places in his life.

It was first produced as part of The Where Eagles Dare Short Play Lab September 26th and 27th, 2009. The production starred Danielle Beckmann, Kathleen Boddington, Daniel Damiano, Don Pflaster, Gloria Rosen, Susan Slotoroff, and Carolann Valentino.

It will have a new production with Project Y Theater Company February 8th and 9th, part of their New York New Play Festival, in "Undressing Cinderella", a series of deconstructions of the Cinderella story.

A boy and his faghag go to visit a friend's bartending gig at a hotel, but when an attractive man comes in, they have trouble deciding who should try to pick him up.

It was first produced as part of The Where Eagles Dare Short Play Lab January 9th and 10th, 2010. The production starred Jeffery Martin, Susan Slotoroff, Kelly Nichols, and Alexander Nicosia.

It was subsequently produced in Wisconsin's Stage Q's Queer Shorts 5, June 10th-19th, 2010. The production was directed by Dennis Yadon, and starred Donnovan Moen, Laura Spring, Adam Williams, and Molly Vanderin, with Kevin Radcliffe as "custodian". Local reviews called it "a campy sex romp" and "a hilarious sketch!". New production with Ticket 2 Eternity Productions, part of Disjointed Love Shorts: a comedy in pieces, March 21-24th, 2013. Facebook Event

In February and March of 2009, Where Eagles Dare theater presented some festivals of one-page plays.
Three of Duncan's plays were featured:

  • Your Favorite Things - A favorite "Christmas" song is cynically dissected.
    Starred Patricia Comstock, Carlos Rafael Fernandez, and Sam Rosenberg.
    Can be seen here on YouTube. Performed again by JustASK productions, October 2009 as part of their One Night Stands benefit; directed by Case Aiken, and starred Sam Sagenkahn, Susan Stout, and Peter Klein.
  • Men in Towels - Three men in a steam room debate its merits.
    Starred Paul Bellantoni, J. Stephen Brantley, and Doug Rossi.
  • Say Something Shocking: The Spit-Take Play - Lucinda and Cholmondeley discuss infidelity over a spot of tea.
    Starred Paul Bellantoni and Kelly Nichols.

    Say Something Shocking was subsequently produced as part of the 2010 Digable Arts Festival in Hoboken, directed by Alexandra Finger and starring Don Pflaster and Caley Vickerman.

Duncan took part in three of Phare Play's bi-annual 21-hour play festivals.
10 hours to write a 12-page play overnight, which was then rehearsed and produced that afternoon and evening.

In Fall of 2008 was Summer People.
In Spring of 2009 was The Dark Night of the Russet Rascal, which can be viewed on YouTube here.
(And was be performed again as a staged reading by New Ground Theatre Collective November 2009)
Both plays won "Best Use of Prop".
In Fall of 2009 was My Perfect Life, which can be viewed on YouTube here. This one won "best use of event" (reunion).

No Hands is an allegory of the uselessness of the Heart and the Head without the Hands. Three men in a Gay bar; Brian the Bartender (The Head), Richard the romantic drunk (The Heart), and Dexter the stripper (The Hands); the men talk, flirt, and argue until the bar closes.

The play was produced with Pinhead in 1997 as part of the Triad Festival at the Producer's Club, NYC. It starred Keith Patrick Dunn as Richard, Jason Specland as Brian, and Lance Gray as Dexter.

In Pinhead, Rafe brings home a young man to seduce, but although he discovers the guy is straight, that doesn't stop Rafe's lover Michael from getting mad. But Michael has secrets of his own.The play was produced with No Hands in 1997 as part of the Triad Festival at the Producer's Club, NYC. It starred Duncan Pflaster as Rafe, Jason Specland as Michael, and Lance Gray as Jimmy.

Bud & Spud was produced as a staged reading by The National Shakepeare Conservatory, Aka Conservatory Theatre, NYC
Written with Adam Stuart Littman
Four men, Four Women, one offstage voice (male)
One set
Three Acts

Bud and Spud are trapped in an ambiguous space (Possibly Heaven, Hell, or The Mind of Shakespeare?), and are continually distracted from their escape attempts by strange visitors who won't help much, and by their own minds, as they obsessively make ridiculous puns and play word games. Often they are overtaken by the morbid urge to live out Shakespearean scenes (sometimes faithfully, sometimes mockingly).