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written by Adam Rabin
Originally recorded on the
Mailbox CD "Chameleon in a Kaleidoscope"
Adapted for the stage by Duncan Pflaster

The Piano that Jack Filled is the story of Jack, an ordinary man who throws his family into a piano and kills them by playing his original composition. It is also the story of Bob; an ordinary cop assigned to investigate the murder. It is also the story of Alan, the ordinary TV cameraman sent to cover the story. It is also the story of Jane, an ordinary strip club dancer who is Jack's mistress, who wants to run off to the Bahamas. It is also the story of Pam; an ordinary hippie burn-out psychic who just knows something is up. It is also the story of Jerry, an ordinary bellhop in the Bahamas hotel where the characters congregate.

The play premiered at Florida Playwrights' Theatre in Hollywood, FL.

The original production was on a double-bill with "Love is a Masochist" by Mickey Zetts.

It was directed by Duncan Pflaster

The original stage cast was (in order of appearance):

Jack Adam Rabin
Bob David J. Hernandez
Alan Hardy Louihis
Jane Sara Schwartz
Pam Chandra Frank
Jerry Tony Grieco
#7 (everyone else) Suzanne Johnson

Jack was an
ordinary man
with an ordinary life
Ordinary kids
and an ordinary wife

Then, one fine day
just for kicks
He shoved them
into a piano
that he made from popsicle sticks

Jack could play Beethoven,
Jack could play
Oh, how Jack
could boogie,
My, how Jack
could rock

But Jack's same old song and dance
had sent him amiss
So he wrote a
new one
and it goes a
bit like this...