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Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants


"...a hilarious hour and a half of iambic pentameter, missing manhoods, lost hearts, and political scheming. (...) The verse flows off the actor's tongues as if they were made to speak using rhyming couplets and pentameter. (...) Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants is a fantastic evening of theater. The play wears its influences well and provides laugh after laugh while jabbing at contemporary politics.

- Amy Freeman, Off Off Online
"...the adjectives I'd use to describe Prince Trevor are sweet and earnest, and I mean neither to be at all pejorative. Pflaster has created a modern fairy tale with a moral that is worthwhile and timely - that one person's actions can make a difference; that petty tyrants and demagogues can be toppled like so many mythic dragons if people will only band together and make something happen. (...) features several commendable performances, notably Paula Galloway as Bluebella's lusty but pragmatic lady's maid and Carlos Rafael Fernandez as Prince Trevor."

- Martin Denton, NYTheatre.com
"Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants has all the staples of over-the-top parody: bawdiness, goofy names, a little commander-in-chief bashing, and modern slang injected into "period" dialogue. But the play's special brand of comedy is in matching Shakespearean reference and iambic pentameter with gay themes and full-frontal (male) nudity. English majors, Mel Brooks fans, anyone who can handle live nakedness, lend Cross-eyed Bear Productions your ears (and eyes), and come away thoroughly entertained. (...) And amidst all the debauchery, the lovable cast of Prince Trevor delivers every joke, whether an intricate play on words or an exploding expletive, with such sweet-faced sincerity, they often catch us by surprise. Rather than nodding and winking, they wholly inhabit this fantasy world, and each utterance of the word "queer" by a stern medieval king gets that many more startled giggles."

- Sarah Krasnow, Theatre Talk's New Theatre Corps